It’s Ok Not To Be Ok - Especially Right Now

We're grieving the losses of our "normal life" and new normal means uncertainty.

April 2020

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Jessica Potts here. Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, and Team builder, also generally an ambassador of living your best day ever every day.

But let’s face it. It’s more and more challenging to find positivity in these last several weeks since we’ve been living in self isolation. I wanted to share with you something that’s kind of helped me turn a corner.

One of the articles that I’ve read recently. It was in the Harvard Business Review which was a little bit funny for the topic. It was titled “That Discomfort That You’re Feeling Is Grief”. It was an interview with one of the co-authors of the five stages of grief, David Kessler, who gave really interesting insight into how we are currently grieving. We might be grieving things like the life that we once knew. Grieving that the world has changed. Grieving that we understand that this is temporary but it truly doesn’t feel that way and so that’s a tough thing for us to reconcile. We’re grieving our loss of normalcy. We’re grieving the fear of the economic toll and most of all probably our loss of connection.

So when we think about those five stages of grief. This is how it might have sounded in the last couple weeks.

Denial. Definitely can relate to this one. This won’t affect us. Nah, don’t worry about Covid-19, that’s not even a thing that we have to concern ourselves with.

Anger. You’re gonna make me stay at home.

Sadness or depression. I don’t know when this will end. And I think that’s a really real one for us. I’ve had people say to me if only I knew when it would be over I’d have an easier time managing it now.

Then we might start bargaining. So if we do this for two weeks we’ll be good right. If we do this for another two weeks then we’ll be good right. So that’s the bargaining. Those are the first four stages.

The fifth stage is about acceptance and accepting our new reality and being able to move forward from there. But then what’s also really interesting is that a David Kessler actually it is about to release another book talking about the sixth stage of grief that he went to his original co-author with.

He’s looking to add the sixth stage of grief which is finding meaning and purpose. This is where I’m kind of at right now. I’m just getting ready to accept this new reality and really truly looking for meaning and purpose.

Another thing that the article said is if you can name it then hopefully you can manage it. I’m hoping that this article helps you understand which stage of grief you might be in during this self-isolation time frame. And if you can name it, then hopefully you can manage it and help you get to that next stage.

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Here is the link to the original article, That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief.

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