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About Us

We believe that leadership happens at all levels, and is fundamentally rooted in serving others. We believe that everyone wants to be valued, and of value, in ways that light us up inside. We believe that it’s possible for everyone to be excited to get up and contribute to their team’s goals and positive culture.

So what do we do about it? We deliver high quality experiential human and organizational development that is tangible and easy to apply within the context of the participants’ roles and organizational goals. We build-in application, reflection, and celebration to our programs to develop habits and behaviours that build resilience and sustained results.

Our Vision

Everyone, everywhere living their best day ever, at work.

Our Mission

We help leaders build their dream teams.

Our Values

Positivity. Proactivity. Belonging.

Jessica Potts

Jessica Potts

President & Lead Facilitator

I’m known for getting people on the same page and getting things done while having fun!

Professionally, I’m a facilitator, trainer, and strategist who brings passion and energy to everything I do. My expertise is in communication, collaboration, and innovation, and I work with amazing organizations to design programs that build workplace teams and cultures where people are excited to contribute.

Why? I believe that leadership happens at all levels. My mission is to empower people to leverage their unique soft skills, strengths and superpowers and live their most optimistic, productive, and fulfilled lives. I believe that having our best day (ever!) can happen regularly at work when we feel valued, and of value, in ways that light us up inside.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, LUMA Certified Practitioner, and an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter I’m here to guide teams through a systematic approach to aligning values, skills, roles, and goals. I help them design and implement strategies, structures, and practices that optimize an organization’s evolution and performance.

Want to know more? Check out my full profile on Linkedin.

Jordan Bugajda

Jordan Bugajda

Designer & Production Assistant

A multi-talented graphic designer, Jordan up-levels our game by creating vibrant visual records of our facilitated sessions, and designing impactful documents and resources. Her work turns the conceptual into the tangible, digestible, and sharable. With a background in hospitality, Jordan is always behind-the-scenes thinking two-steps ahead and helping to make client experiences seamless.

She shares Jessica’s love of truffle fries, mint chocolate, odd acronyms, peach-flavoured vitamins, and having an employee perk package that includes team pedicures on the regular.

Here's our promise to you...

We will be a partner in your organization’s success. We will be easy to work with and provide a simple playbook to guide us to the end goal. We will deliver value that generates excitement and buy-in from your team. Our goal is for your organization to become a case study of how successful, collaborative strategic planning and implementation is done, so that we can all brag about it to our friends.

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