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Jessica Potts

Leadership Development

Leadership can be lonely, and people management is the most challenging role in any organization, so we love combining 1:1 leader coaching with staff pulse-checks and skills modules to help your emerging leaders and their teams get to the next level.

We all do emotional labour, so we need emotional intelligence.

Self-awareness is the key to helping us manage change and make more confident decisions. It also allows us to create meaningful contributions through clarity and direction while maximizing our impact. Set up your leaders for success by helping them build confidence and resilience with support and accountability. Then, watch them soar by leveraging their strengths.

Objectives and Outcomes

Leadership development happens at all levels of an organization - from the C-suite to the front lines. Our coaching and skills development programs ensure that principles become practices.


Build confidence and influence while developing and refining emotional intelligence.


Prioritize and find balance to proactively manage stress and avoid burnout.


Align behaviours with values to create fun, collaborative work environments.


Support new leaders by developing their soft skills, strengths and superpowers.

Programs for developing people

How We Can Work Together

Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, core (soft) skills group training, or self-guided learning, we’ve got what they need to level up their career with skills designed for the future of work.


We work with high-achievers who are often new to their role, or new to people management. They are action-oriented, coachable, and humble. We work together in a creative and thought-provoking process that allows us to maximize potential and get real results.

CliftonStrengths Assessment & Debrief (60 mins)

Everyone has talent, and it shows up in the unique ways we think, feel, and behave. But we can easily take our talents for granted, mistaking them for ‘personality quirks’ instead of powerful clues that reveal our purpose and unlock our potential. When we use our talents intentionally and consistently, they develop into strengths. Doing more of what we naturally do well, with ease and enjoyment, empowers us to achieve more positive outcomes. You will be able to explore your unique talents and strengths through an individually customized report, reflect on how to use your talents in work and life roles, and leave feeling energized with practical and tactical tips for top performance. This includes:

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment Access Code (Top 5);
  • 60 minute 1:1 session with Gallup-certified Strengths Coach Jessica Potts;
  • Digital copy of your customized performance insight reports.

1:1 Leader Coaching (6 mths)

We work with leaders and leadership teams who want to boost performance, maintain balance, build buy-in, and stay aligned and accountable. A 6-month minimum commitment is required with flexible frequency (biweekly or monthly) and duration (45, 75, or 90-minute) options available.

  • Enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence;
  • Providing insights to maximize your ROI/ROE (Return on Energy Investment);
  • Establishing meaningful and attainable stretch goals;
  • Creating action plans and timelines to achieve those goals;
  • Providing accountability to maintain momentum.

1:1 Staff Pulse Checks

Similar to 1:1 leader coaching, staff pulse checks give team members a safe outlet to share and evolve within an organization while staying aligned and accountable to goals. This is best for organizations or departments wanting to keep up with the pace of change, ranging from rapid growth to reorganization. This is best when leveraged as an add-on to a high-performing teams program or strategic planning process to enhance buy-in and innovation.


These half-day, in-person skills modules have been designed to bring people together while exploring concepts and development opportunities that can be implemented immediately. When delivered with department or working groups these sessions weave the fabric of workplace culture and connection that leads to heightened communication and collaboration.

Self-Awareness Through Strengths-based Development (Part 1 & 2)

Do you want your teams to be fully engaged, collaborative, and productive? Of course! That translates to increased profits, higher customer loyalty, more referrals, lower staff turnover, increased employee engagement and exceptional workplace cultures that are just generally more FUN! The great news is that everything we need to be successful, fulfilled, and bursting with positive energy is already inside us. Through strengths-based development, a branch of positive psychology, we can deepen our self-awareness and enhance our emotional intelligence to intentionally and consistently live our Best Day Ever At Work!

Effective Communication

Explore simple and effective communication methods to build trusting and productive working relationships. Examine the benefits and challenges of different forms of communication through the lens of building stronger workplaces and corporate cultures.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Examine what makes a cohesive team, list and discuss the traits of great team members. Identify the building blocks of collaboration, illustrate practical examples. Examine and discuss ways to build and manage positive working relationships.

Productive Conflict

Compare and contrast productive and positive techniques for making conflict higher frequency and lower impact.Investigate the roles of mitigated speech and power distance index (PDI) to identify ways to make difficult conversations easier.

Leadership Principles

Examine the role of a leader. Discuss the traits of the best leaders. Identify how we can leverage our unique talents and approaches most positively and productively in service of those around us and ourselves.

Employee Engagement

Examine what it takes to get and keep a team engaged and motivated. We’ll examine research and proven practices from Gallup, Disney, and Harvard Business Review to develop your unique approach that inspires action and commitment.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Examine the role feedback plays in continuous quality improvement. Discuss what it means to be coachable. Assess and critique a coaching approach to giving feedback. Construct a debriefing template to foster a culture of CQI.

Critical Thinking

Examine and compare different types of thinking. Classify the 4 phases of critical thinking and how to assess progress in oneself and others. Identify a phase of critical thinking to focus on and assist the progress in oneself and others.

Creative Problem Solving

Examine the types of problems we solve. Explore the LUMA system for human-centred design. Complete 4 problem solving techniques and assess when to use each in our roles. Participate in a team design challenge.

Managing Change

Identify and examine why efforts to manage change fail. Explore considerations when planning for change. Take part in a simple exercise: importance/difficulty matrix for collaboratively prioritizing resources and designing action plans.

Self-Confidence is a SuperPower

Self-confidence is a superpower. It can be both magnetic and contagious, but without it, we can become filled with doubt and discouragement. When it comes to your career, confidence is a currency - it gives you the power to open doors and change minds, including your own. Confidence boils down to an attitude of self-trust. Explore tips and tangible tools to bring clarity, boost confidence, and find courage to reach your full potential.

The Inspired Action Approach integrates aspects of:


Change is inevitable, but how it’s perceived, received, and put into practice is both an art and science: "Innovation happens by us, disruption happens to us."


When it comes to engaging interested parties, it’s all about maximizing the exchange of value so everyone’s voices are heard and objectives are met.


Empathize and iterate in the service of people: HCD uses collaborative problem solving techniques to turn big opportunities into bigger wins.


Great cultures are built on what we celebrate and what we tolerate, and don’t happen by accident. How will your organization nurture and scale culture?

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