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Jessica Potts

Strategic Planning Simplified

We approach strategic planning like an ongoing internal communications exercise that gets everyone on the same page and feeling clear about how they can make a meaningful contribution with impactful results. This gives contributors a sense of belonging, ownership, and pride in their work. It also ensures the strategic plan doesn't collect dust on a shelf!

Our Strategic Planning Simplified™ program lives up to its name because it's so energizing for participants that it doesn't feel like work. Instead, the process is an invigorating rally cry that helps contributors go 'all in' - staying engaged to achieve impactful results.

Objectives and Outcomes

Strategic Planning is a key foundational component to an organization’s successful operations and intentional growth. Our Strategic Planning Simplified™ program offers a flexible approach to suit your organization’s unique needs:


A simple system to get contributors (board, staff, and volunteers) on the same page in meaningful ways.


A roadmap for the implementation team to feel clear, confident, and supported.


A communication tool to get partners and stakeholders connected and engaged.


Built in check-ins and progress indicators to celebrate milestones, repeat successes, and relevance.

The Inspired Action Approach integrates aspects of:


Change is inevitable, but how it’s perceived, received, and put into practice is both an art and science: "Innovation happens by us, disruption happens to us."


When it comes to engaging interested parties, it’s all about maximizing the exchange of value so everyone’s voices are heard and objectives are met.


Empathize and iterate in the service of people: HCD uses collaborative problem solving techniques to turn big opportunities into bigger wins.


Great cultures are built on what we celebrate and what we tolerate, and don’t happen by accident. How will your organization nurture and scale culture?

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